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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job

During the interview with Heidi Bruggink, Leslie Bennett argues and discusses several key points regarding why women should not quit their jobs after marriage; she mentions many situations in order to make her stance on the matter clear- showing the risqué factors of being financially dependent on the husband. The main point of the article is: Women should think farther down the line and never quit their jobs, which may become essential for them later on; they should find a way to balance their life. As the article mentioned, many women didn’t realize their mistake of quitting their job until later on in their lives when they started to struggle due to problems that arose. Such issues include: divorce, and the unexpected death of their spouse (becoming widows and/or single parents). Unfortunately, these matters are some of the more common problems in many societies. Thus, women should not only think of the present, but should also plan for the future; a woman should take care of herself (as well as her kids- if they have any).

Having a job could be the pre-determined solution to many of their later problems. The article also mentioned some benefits that working women experience; an example is that those women are healthier than non-working females. Also, Bennett discussed that many working mothers were more successful as caretakers compared to non-working mothers.

Most women hold the idea that to be a good mother, one has to also be a housewife. As I was reading the article, many questions popped into my head. What is the real job of women in society? When one prevents women from becoming functional individuals in society (e.g. have them work at home), does that help the community in the long run? Or does it end up being one big handicap? If a woman’s only job is to stay at home raising kids, what does equality in the twentieth century add up to? I’m not saying that women should get rid of their responsibilities as mothers, but that they should be able to have more roles in society.  I believe being a good mother is a very important job and is admirable, but as humans, we don’t like relying on others. From my perspective, women who depend on themselves have more confidence and are more effective within society and their families. Women should demonstrate and stand up for their rights in society (e.g. their roles in the work place).

Finally, according to the article, women shouldn’t have to choose between working or raising a family- it shouldn’t even be part of the equation. Have we ever heard someone ask a man to quit his job so he can raise a family? No, it’s actually the opposite; they are told to work so that they can support their family, and that’s the way it should be with women, too.


  1. halkhaya says:

    I agree with you that women should not give up their jobs after they get married. But, they should keep it for many reasons. First, I believe that work is a part of one’s entity, whether it’s a man or a woman. Second, and as you mentioned, one can’t never know what’s going to happen later on. Any woman can’t guarantee her relationship to stay the same with her husband. Accordingly, if she decides to break up, at least she is holding her job. Eventually, she doesn’t have to beg others for help. However, women should stop depending on their husbands.

  2. awiedmaier says:

    I agree to a degree, that women should consider their future when getting married and having children. However, they should also not be criticized or feel as if they aren’t contributing to society, if they decide to put their career on hold in favor of raising their own children. A woman must do what’s best for her – and not care about other’s opinions when it comes to child rearing. It’s not an easy job and it requires a lot of sacrifice. But the rewards are more than any job can give as far as I’m concerned. We can’t make life choices based on “what if’s” as mentioned in the article. Who’s to say the woman wouldn’t die first, leaving the husband alone to raise the children. Then what? Does that ever cross a man’s mind?

  3. ckazda2013 says:

    I completely agree that women should have more roles in our society. In addition, I agree with your perspective that women who depend on themselves have more confidence and are more effective within society and their families. From my experience, women that take the initiative to make a difference in there own lives are happier than if they were told what to do by a man.

  4. alemara123 says:

    I agree that a woman has to have a job or an education to survive in this life and not be dependable on a man. Being a widow or a divorced, a woman can not live unless she has a weapon meaning a job or an education, because this life is like a battlefield. if you don’t have a weapon, you can’t fight in this battle. having a weapon, women will be able to protect their dignities and don’t beg men or others to help her.

  5. falmuhan says:

    I agree with you that women who depend on themselves have more confidence and are more effective within society and their families. women should not give up their jobs not only to avoid unexpected circumstances but also to not be defined by her husband and depend on him.

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