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The Prophet’s Daughters

There is much difference between traditions and religion. Tradition is what people make while religion is from God. Not all people follow religion’s teachings and that’s why we see prejudice against women today. If people follow the teaching of Islam, teaching of Christianity, and teaching of Judaism, we would not see such prejudice. Those teachings are from God who creates us for a reason, to be humans and not to fight each other or steal each other’s rights. An interview with Professor Syafa Almirzanah reveals much of Prophet Mohammed’s “peace be upon him” teachings and how women lived miserably before his propagation and a prosperous one after. I just want to add something that she didn’t mention which is that before the prophet’s propagation a baby girl was buried alive just because she was born a girl! People were very brutal at that time. After the prophet got his message from God, women gained their rights and they were being treated as human being’s and so far, we as Muslim women are very grateful to the prophet and his teachings. Today, we can pursue our education, work outside of home, and have our own business’s. There is a whole verse in the Qur’an called “women verse” that emphasizes women’s rights and responsibilities. There are many examples of women writers, doctors, and artist’s throughout Islamic history. Women became respected by society. I like when the professor talks about how the “prophet cooked and even sewed his clothes himself. There is nothing to be a shamed of in that.” The prophet is ideal for people, so if anyone is a true believer, he should follow the prophet. It is not a shame for a man to help in housework as most men think. Personally, my husband is a religious person and he helps a lot with housework. He always repeats that women are not created for housework and their message is bigger than this. I think if we follow the teachings of our prophets whether Muhammad, Jesus, or Moses, we wouldn’t need feminism or feminist people today. But because we follow the traditions which are manmade, we have all this chaos and prejudice against women. I disagree with the professor in that “we should study and go deeper into the traditions to find out what our traditions are actually saying about the position of women” and I think instead of studying the traditions, we should study the religion and understand the position of women, because as I said above, the traditions are what people make while religion is from God and that is worth studying.

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  1. falmuhan says:

    I agree with you Farida, we should understand our religion and what it says about women’s rights because unfortunately, women’s role and right in religion has been misunderstood.

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