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How the Media Represented Women in 2012

How the Media Represented Women in 2012 was not very different from how they portrayed women in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Historically the media, which is controlled by men, has belittled and showed images of blonde haired, large breast women, with big eyes and an over-size smile with 46th teeth. No matter how smart she may have been the media manipulated the conversations to hair, cosmetics, weight control, birth control, child birth and fashion. Yes, women have come a long way from the Virginia Slim commercials where women were taking jobs just to get in the business. But, is it necessary to walk around in bras and panties like Victoria Secret models and play into the misrepresentation of women in order to make a living??? It is understood that the media and program writers had to and will have to sale products, get sponsors who buy air time and pay the bills. It’s all about ratings, but it seems to be at the expense of someone’s mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or wife. If the same derogatory remarks made about a woman’s’ appearance were said about a man, the comments would have been said in a way to compliment how his rugged looks would have given character to his hard work and the pressures he was under. First Lady Obama’s and Secretary of State Clinton’s hair should never be the leading story when we have so many global issues to cover. Let’s be honest no one want to watch dull daily news, CNN, ESPN or any other program without some light entertainment. However, the exploitation and objectification of women will continue as long as women remain in positions that divide the sisterhood. Hollywood reality shows that employed smart entrepreneurial women that acted like gold diggers who didn’t want no broke “partners” depict the same ideology as the 19th and 20th century gold diggers, who went to college to find husbands who would take care of them while they became a homemakers. Sexism shown in the print media was the worst kind. Images of implied sensuality and foreplay with food, cars and other people last in the environment forever. On the coffee table at home, in the doctor’s office, in the beauty/barber shop and in the public library were young children could easily be exposed and the gradual desensitization of sexism. How did the Media Represented Women in 2012, as they always do… from a man’s perspective.


  1. alemara123 says:

    No one denies the role of media in our lives, thoughts, and emotions. Media is focusing on appearance, looks, and sexy images to represent women. It is very upsetting to know the value of a woman is based on how she looks. women could be scientists, writers, poets, and take on leadership positions, but we do not see a representation of that in the media. I agree with you that media represents women from the perspective of men.

  2. fatimafak313 says:

    I really liked the way you ended this piece. Yes, media today is presented today as it was then, from a man’s view. There are some positive changes and negative. Women are more sexualized now than they were before. The good difference is women are shown in media today more than just housewives…even though it is rare.

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