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Intersection Connection

Whether you define the term “feminism” as a term that is concerned with the equality for all or just for the female sex, Intersections addresses an inevitable level of society that cannot be over looked. It is argued that the cornerstone of women’s studies needs a stronger emphasis on socioeconomic statuses in order to properly comprehending the broad spectrum of understanding what has caused proximate differences between men’s and women’s held positions.
I appreciate the example that the author offers about school teacher’s expectations of their students. It has been proven that self-fulfilling prophecies are real and have an effect on student’s performances in particular. Race should never be a factor in a teacher’s expectations of their students regardless of the race of the teacher. In terms of women’s studies and the concept of feminism, this separates the gap of equality between the sexes and races within our own society further. Women whose teachers value behavior such as “caretaking competencies” are encouraging their students to be antifeminists. That is, they are not encouraged to be equal even to females living in the same society that have a different socioeconomic status.
What makes this reading stand out to me is the fact that the problem presented doesn’t have a simple solution. It seems difficult to decrease the gap between men’s and women’s equality when poor black girls have prejudice teachers. This makes the statistical differences that show men holding more positions of power make more sense. I am not saying that if it weren’t for the black women being conditioned to take on lower paying jobs there would be no need for a third feminist movement, but I am saying that to me, the blame should not be placed on just the way women get treated at the workplace. I think that there should be research done to see if black male students who come from poor families are treated to feel as though the standard that they are expected to reach in their education is lower as well. I’m positive that they would find that in most cases it is considerably lower than their middle class counterparts.
There needs to be an end to the prejudiced expectations of teachers because expectations matter. Without consideration to how settle or how innocent a person’s implicit of explicit implications may be, teacher’s assumptions can be a dangerous tool

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