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Gender is Enforced and Reinforced by Society

I have to disagree with the title of the article by “Judith Lorber” and that is not because “The social Construction of Gender” is not an impressive title that attracts the reader, but because it undermines the process that society or human create gender symbols and interaction to simplify the distinction of gender. I would like to give it another title which you can disagree with, but because I believe that my title “Gender is enforced and reinforced by society” serves the article more justice.  The original title may imply that gender roles assigned by society are the correct process that we all must submit to its policies and requirements. My title explains the article but also raises the question that gender roles assigned by society may be questioned and is not necessary path for every individual. Nowadays, infants and children’s gender is identified by clothes, behavior and interactions.

Many of us can easily identify the role of a father or a mother without a class we have to take in college or without reading a book about how to become a mother or what is the  responsibilities assigned for both , rather because human set specific rules for each. So, we adopted the idea and enforce it by symbols that distinguish both genders. However, categorization of roles is done on a daily basis, and as stated in the article “individual’s construction starts with assignment to sex category on the basis of what genitalia look like at birth”. And babies are dressed in a way that the category displays them, and that’s because parents don’t want to be asked whether the baby is a boy or a girl. However, I do agree with the author that gender is a social institution that organizes human lives, and that human society depends on a predictable division of labor. Also, that Human society assigns responsibilities and process of pattern for each individual. In my opinion and as the author stated that the purpose of gender is to organize society, and to establish a process that makes things easy, but I also believe that we must not allow society to assign roles or rules and enforce responsibilities on individuals just because it is a process that society construct for us, but because it is something we believe in and adhere willingly.


  1. sahachem says:

    I totally agree with you. We assign limits and boundaries to gender since they are born. As soon as you know the new baby is a girl, you go get a whole bunch of pink clothes and flowers, of course when you ask that child what you prefer, blue or pink? She will not say blue.
    We also got get her barbies and dolls to take care of and nurture, while boys get swords and action figure in order to fight and defend. Also in cartoons and tv shows, moms are at home cooking and taking care of the kids, while dad is our working.
    These things are wrong, we should not encourage these actions, we should give the child the freedom to choose since their babies, so they won’t feel bounded to certain rules in there society , or over dominated by the opposite gender.
    Maybe, assigned responsibilities based on gender was the way to organize society, but now society changed, and I think its time to take new routes in order to evolve it.

  2. Stephanie Jones says:

    While I think the original title is sufficient and does the article sufficient justice, I agree that your title is a bit more specific. Gender is certainly enforced and reinforced by society; in fact, the gender distinctions society enforces are completely arbitrary and are a product produced solely by society. The only reason we dress baby boys up in blue and baby girls up in pink is because society tells us to, not because there is something inherently masculine about blue and something inherently feminine about pink. Rather, in the early 1900s, pink was the “boy color” and blue the “girl color.” It wasn’t until the 1940s that the two were switched due to changes in advertising.

  3. skatiba says:

    Oh thank you Stephanie and Sahachem! I’ve actually didn’t know that pink was the “boy color” but I would love to see a newborn baby boy wearing pink, just to prove that we should’nt let society enforce its rule upon us.

  4. mplowden says:

    Your take on the title of the article is very interesting. I like and enjoy your stance. However I believe the original title of the article is acceptable. I believe the author is attempting to address the issue that society places restrictions and barriers on the specifics of gender and the “correct” roles and it needs to be challenged. Your position displays the objection to societies enforcement of gender roles and you help in what the author is attempting to accomplish in challenging societies demands.

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