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Margaret Sanger’s- My Fight for Birth Control

By reading “My Fight for Birth Control” by Margaret Sanger, one will realize how much pain and suffering women went through before and during the 1930s. Being a mother and a wife, a woman suffered a lot throughout that time due to the poverty and ignorance she lived in. Sanger gave an example of a woman who died because of the lack of contraception means. The writer explains that when the sick woman in the story asked the doctor what she could do to prevent pregnancy, the doctor answered her by saying that her husband should sleep on the roof. It is a really sad story, but the question is why did the women have to endure all of those horrible distressful situations but not the men?
I agree with Sanger’s opinion in which women should have knowledge of contraception and their bodies. They should choose to be pregnant or to have children, because it is their bodies and they should be aware of what’s going on with their bodies. If a woman becomes ill due to risky pregnancies or other sexual diseases, the husband will not sacrifice his life for her. He is simply going to engage in a new marriage and forget about his old wife who got sick because of him. Women, wake up! It is your own body and no one else’s! You don’t have to be controlled in such an atrocious way!
Finally, I admired Sanger’s ending when she stated that she “would tell the world what was going on in the lives of these poor women.” This strongly written line indicates her bravery as a woman in which she lets her readers know that she would make the whole world hear her, no matter the cost. Women, go out and spread the teachings of Sanger’s defense on your rights!

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  1. ebarnesl says:

    Margaret Sanger’s – My Fight for Birth Control
    I’m not such if I’m doing this right so please bare with me. I ‘m agreeing with everything you said. Women of that time and before went through a lot due to poverty and ignorance when it came to birth control. I had a problem with no one wanting to call an ambulance and her husband refusal to take her to the hospital. Could it be that everyone was afraid what would happen when they found out that Mrs. Sacks tried to give her self an abortion which was illegal at the time. I can understand Sanger reluctance to give Mrs. Sacks the information she so desperately asked for, because by law she was forbidden to share any birth control knowledge with these women. It’s a shame that a young mother had to die before Sanger decided that enough was enough and that she would now take a stand and be heard no matter what the cost. I also had a problem with the doctor. He seem to have a patronizing and cavalier way about him. How do you tell a patient ” Any more sch capers young woman, and there will be no need to call me.” Then he gives her a friendly tap on the back and walks out. ARE YOU SERIOUS! what is that. The entire article reminded me of the song by Elvis Presley ” In The Ghetto” about a young mother giving birth to another child she does not need and wondering how she’s going to feed it. Instead of being happy the young mother crys.

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