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Thoughts on the role gender played in the Sandy Hook Shootings

The tragedy of the shootings that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, CT have renewed national discussions on violence and gun control.  However, few of those writing on the subject have directly attempted to examine the role gender plays in these types of public acts of violence.  Here are two blog posts that take opposing viewpoints on the role gender played in the shootings.  In the first, Jackson Katz argues that we need a national dialogue on masculinity more than we need dialogues on gun control or access to mental health services.  In the second, Mark Overton and Geoffrey Mull argue that feminism is to blame for the shootings.  Both posts analyze data to support their position.  One is clearly demonstrating a feminist analysis while the other does not.  How do you reconcile their opposing conclusions?  Which author do find more persuasive and why?

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  1. jasonjameson says:

    I never thought about analyzing the Sand Hook tragedy with feminism perspective. I do not see how anyone can claim feminist is to blame. I, however, do agree that we need to look at much more than guns.

    We have deep rooted psychological issues in this country. As a nation we are sending conflicting message.

    We live in what is claimed to be the land of the free, yet we have nearly 25% of the world’s prison population with only 5 percent of the world’s total population.

    We claim to bring peace through war.

    We claim be bring democracy but often install or support dictators.

    We claim to be a land of opportunity but many, dare I say most, are trapped at the bottom.

    We live do not live in the land of the free; we live in the land of hypocrisy. The corruption stems from the lowest levels all the way to the top. The unjust wars we wage and the unfair society we perpetuate is reflected by the evil acts these often young men carry out.

    I am not excusing the actions of these shooters at all. I am simply suggesting we stop pretending America is spreading peace around the world when we are, in fact, killing innocent people and perpetuating a system of injustice.

    Before we can affect any change in this nation we must address the underlying issues and end the charade.

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